Iron Vegvisir and Helm of Awe Coin


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Sigils were important to Viking warriors due to their magical properties. The Iron Vegvisir and Helm of Awe Coin depicts two sigils. Made from iron, this Viking coin has a two-sided design made with traditional techniques. On one side, the coin depicts the sigil Vegvisir in the center. Vegvisir is a symbol meant to help someone find their way in rough weather. Around the outside of the Viking compass, the coin features Futhark runes. The runes are a written form of a phrase that translates to I do not stop when tired, I stop when done.

On the other side, the coin features the Helm of Awe or the Aegishjalmr in Old Norse. The Helm of Awe is a magical sigil meant to protect a warrior in battle. Overall, the coin has a black oxide coating to help prevent rusting. Finally, this coin comes with an info sheet. This necklace makes a wonderful Viking collectible or a unique personal accessory.

Please note that because the item is struck, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Made using traditional techniques
  • Features the Vegvisir sigil and the Helm of Awe
  • Has a black oxide coating to prevent rust
  • Comes with an info sheet
  • Great Norse collectible
  • Unique accessory for Viking costumes


  • Made from solid iron


  • Diameter: 1.3 Inches
  • Weight: 1.2 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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