Iron Shackle and Bar Leg Cuffs

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Once upon a time, the chain gang was a fairly common sight when it came to prisoners. And this Iron Shackle and Bar Leg Cuffs would have been common too, as they were used to lock prisoners together when they were out and about in public. These shackles are quite simple, consisting of a pair of rings that are attached to long metal bars. Connecting the bars is a single ring, which gives the prisoners a bit of mobility so that they can move, although it limits movement enough so that they cannot move far. The leg rings do not open but can be attached to additional chains, sold separately. The top ring is meant to be attached to another chain as well. These leg irons can also be used on a single prisoner for securing them to a wall or a stake, in order to further limit their range of movement. This shackle set is crafted from quality metal and features an antiqued finish, which serves only to make it all the more impressive and realistic looking. Nothing looks quite as authentic as these Iron Shackle and Bar Leg Cuffs when they are hanging in the dungeon, and they also make for a great costume piece to feature when you want to recreate an authentic looking prison or dungeon scene.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality metal
  • Very authentic and realistic looking
  • Also quite strong
  • Ring cuffs do not adjust
  • Great dungeon decoration or costume piece


  • Length: 30 Inches
  • Leg Cuff Diameter: 5 Inches


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