Iron Islands Cloth Coin Bag

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The men of the Iron Island pay the iron price for their goods. But when they go elsewhere in Westeros, they have to pay the regular price, and for that reason, Pyke has its own coinage. To go with that coinage, we offer this Iron Islands Cloth Coin Bag. Printed on the fabric of this drawstring bag is the minted coin image of Balon Greyjoy, wielding an axe and holding a pearl. Printed above him are the words TREASURY OF THE IRON ISLANDS. Beneath him are the Greyjoy words, WE DO NOT SOW. The bag is designed to hold 105 stags or 168 pennies, making this Iron Islands Cloth Coin Bag quite handy to have, when it comes to carrying around your coin currency.

Key Features:

  • A traditional coin bag, made from fabric
  • Has a drawstring closure
  • Printed with the likeness of Balon Greyjoy
  • Also printed with the words TREASURY OF THE IRON ISLANDS
  • A great accent to go with any medieval coins


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