Injury Cream Makeup Kit


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Thanks to this Injury Cream Makeup Kit, you will be able to carefully create dozens of realistic looking injuries on both skin and latex. This kit includes four colors that work to create scar, bruise, and scrape effects. This set of professional grade makeup contains four pots of color, including corpse yellow, undead purple, bruised red, and black, which when used together are virtually all the colors you will need to create your own assortment of impressive and realistic looking injuries. The makeup comes in a nice little palette container, which makes carrying and storing this set of makeup a breeze. This cream makeup goes on with ease and comes off just as easily when washed with soap and lots of warm water. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to this Injury Cream makeup Kit, as you can use it to not only create and blend dozens of injuries like bruises, scrapes, and gashes across your skin, but you can also use it to create a wide assortment of monstrous looks, including an undead or zombified look that is absolutely to die-for.

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Key Features:

  • Professional Grade Make-Up Kit
  • Includes Four Colors
  • Highly Pigmented Cream makeup
  • Easy to Apply and Remove
  • Great for Creating Any Character or Injury
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Theatre, and More


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