Indifference Walker Mask


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This licensed Walking Dead mask is sure to be recognized by fans. In the fourth season of The Walking Dead, during an episode title indifference, viewers are introduced to a notable walker in a distressing situation involving Tyreese. This walker became known as the Skeletal Walker to fans. The mask is made from high quality latex and is designed to cover the full head when worn. Modeled after the walker from the show, this mask features a snarling mouth with exposed decaying teeth and bulging white eyeballs. Flesh around the mouth and nose is rotting away and offers incredible zombified detail. Fans of the show can now recreate that incredible moment from the show with this mask.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Walking Dead merchandise
  • Modeled after a walker from the AMC show
  • Designed to cover the full head when worn
  • Mouth is open exposing dangerous yellow teeth
  • Great for zombie events or Halloween


  • Made from Latex


  • One size fits most


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