Impossible Love by Selina Fenech


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A mermaid and an angel embrace just above the ocean surface, ignoring for the moment the world around them. Based on the painting of the same name, Impossible Love by Selina Fenech makes a beatific addition to any fantasy collection. Crafted from polystone with colorful accents, this enchanting fantasy statue is hand-painted to bring out every detail. The star-crossed pair are entwined in rapture. Pearls embellish the mermaids long dark hair. Her tail is painted in hues of blue, green, and white. The angel wears loose white pants with a golden sash. His short hair forms a golden contrast to his aquatic love, while his large white wings are open to hold the pair aloft. Perfect for fans of fantasy and romance, this Impossible Love by Selina Fenech will make a stunning display on any table or shelf.

Key Features:

  • Displays intricate detailing
  • Hand-painted in vibrant colors
  • Depicts a mermaid and an angel embracing
  • Makes a great gift for fantasy and romance fans
  • Excellent gift or home decor idea


  • Made from Polystone


  • Height: 13.5 Inches


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