Icon Steampunk Shoes

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The Icon Steampunk Shoes are a content medium between a highly decorated and styled Steampunk design and a muted, simple look that will draw less attention. It features intriguing designs and style but in a simple, subdued fashion. These Steampunk shoes are made of synthetic leather and are styled after the oxford shoe. Unlike most oxford shoes, though, these Steampunk shoes feature an elastic band instead of laces and a retro-styled heel. The Icon Steampunk Shoes are decorated with several copper-toned machinery rivets, and the x-shaped elastic band that crosses the front features a Steampunk butterfly, ornamented with five gears across its body and wings. So if you want a shoe that still says Steampunk without being ostentatious or gaudy, then perhaps the Icon Steampunk Shoe is the right Steampunk shoe for you.

Key Features:

  • Made of Synthetic Leather
  • Features 2.5 Inch Retro Heel
  • Decorated with Machinery Rivets
  • Decorated Elastic Strap on Oxford Style Shoe
  • Closed-Toe Shoe


  • Standard US Womens shoe sizes. They run true to size. They are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.


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