Hunter Zombie Mask With Hat


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Even remote regions are not immune to zombie outbreaks. Once you put on the Hunter Zombie with Mask, you will be all but transformed into a lone country zombie that will look as though it has spent days wandering the woods in search of fresh prey. Assuming that this zombie was a hunter in life, ironically enough, that is not much of a change in habit or activity. Only the prey has changed. This gruesome mask will give anyone the features of a withered old zombie with graying, wrinkled skin that has not yet fully begun to decay. Small sections of skin have been to tighten, sinking in against the bone of the skull. On one side of the skull, small patches of skin are flaking away, revealing glimpses of the still-red tissue that lay beneath. The other side of the face is heavily discolored, the purple and red section of bumpy skin standing out against the gray pallor of the mask. A long gash also runes across one eye of this hunter, rendering the eye milky, white, and almost useless. Set atop the hunters head is a tall camouflage colored hat, which hides only heaven knows what other wounds. This mask features one fully open eye slit as well as one that is partially opened, which allows the wearer to see quite well. The mask also features an open mouth. It is designed to be worn over the head, providing full coverage for the wearer. If you want to create a remote and wild zombie that looks like it has roamed far and wide from its traditional woodland sprawl, then the Hunter Zombie Mask with Hat is just the look you will need.

Key Features:

  • A Great Zombie Accessory
  • Rather Comfortable To Wear
  • Incredibly Detailed Appearance
  • Open Eye Slits and Mouth
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Perfect Addition to Zombie Costumes and Looks


  • Mask Made from High-Quality Latex
  • Hat Made from 100 percent Fleece Fabric


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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