Hufflepuff Printed Wall Banner

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You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil. This Hufflepuff Printed Wall Banner displays the badger with black and gold background of the Hogwarts house. Hufflepuff is the most inclusive of the houses, and counts among its members Cedric Diggory, Hannah Abbott, Ernie Macmillan, and many more stalwart characters from the Harry Potter series. This banner makes a fantastic decoration for Halloween, magical parties, and wizard laboratories. Display this Hufflepuff Printed Wall Banner alone or with the other Hogwarts House banners, sold separately.

Key Features:

  • An officially licensed Harry Potter product
  • Includes a banner with Hufflepuff house crest
  • Black banner with black and gold design
  • Includes banner pole and cord for display
  • A quality home decor item for Halloween, role-playing, or parties


  • Made from polyester


  • Height: 30 Inches
  • Width: 20 Inches


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