Howling Lucifer Demon Mask

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One look at this mask is all you need to see something that is quite surreal and startling, to say the least. Devilish, bright, and vivid, this Howling Lucifer Demon Mask is one way to create a look that will leave others stunned. The mask has an impressive size, and is made entirely from quality latex materials. It sports a wicked look that depicts a bestial devil with red-orange skin and a massive jaw. Large teeth rim that jaw, while horns and spikes adorn the skull and a single small chain links the masks nose to its ear. Freaky and frightening, this Howling Lucifer Demon Mask offers a glimpse of a demonic entity that you can wear and use to create a costume that will blow minds come Halloween.

Key Features:

  • A large demonic mask with high levels of detail
  • Has an impressive size with a large, open mouth
  • Red-orange skin tone, large teeth, horns, and chain piercing offer demonic look
  • Covers most of the head when worn
  • A great costume mask for Halloween, costume events, and more


  • Made from latex


  • One Size Fits Most


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