Hooded Shoulder Cape


Capes make everything look better, but do you really want to wear one in the blazing heat of summer or when you are moving and it could get tangled or caught? No. Better, instead, to choose to wear this Hooded Shoulder Cape. The shorter length of this cape makes it infinitely more convenient than the full-sized variant, especially if all you need is a bit of extra layering, or the added style that a nice hood can offer you.

This short cape is designed to rest about the shoulders, acting like a heavy, long cowl that provides a bit extra warmth, while also giving you access to a hood, either to keep your head warm or to shield your identity, even in the hottest of the reenactment months. The cape is made entirely from heavy polyester fabric, to provide warmth in the colder seasons, while its short length will not soon trip you up, either.

The cape comes in two colors, either black or burgundy. Everything does look better with a cape, but sometimes, full-length capes are just an impossibility. When they are, turn to this Hooded Shoulder Cape to bridge the gap and ensure that you still have a cape, but one that will not trip you up or cause you to overheat in the middle of a fair.

Key Features:

  • Features a deep hood and draped shoulder coverings
  • Does not hinder or hamper movement
  • Extremely comfortable and warm to wear
  • Great for Renaissance fairs and costumes of all styles


  • Made from polyester

Overall Length Front Length Hood Height Hood Depth Shoulder Width
One Size 16.5 inches 16 inches 16 inches 13 inches 30 inches


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