Heraldic Skeleton Pin Badge


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The Heraldic Skeleton Pin Badge depicts the symbol that served a grim warning on many a battlefield. Throughout history, no better way was found to create fear in the hearts of foes than displaying the fleshless corpses of the fallen. The pin badge is hand-cast from lead-free antiqued pewter. Despite its small stature, this skeleton is highly detailed. It comes packaged on an information card that highlights the rich history of medieval heraldry. Easily attach it to your clothing, backpack, or purse with its clasp fastener. The Heraldic Skeleton Pin Badge is a great way to celebrate the Middle Ages.

Key Features:

  • A historical tribute to medieval heraldry
  • Depicts a skeleton, an iconic symbol of death
  • Presented on a card with educational notes
  • Pins to clothing via a clasp fastener
  • Makes a great gift or personal accessory


  • Made from lead-free pewter


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