Happy Green Dragonling Statue


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Whether it just finished telling a bad pun or it is waiting for you to get a reference it made, we may never know, but the Happy Green Dragonling Statue will always have a huge smile on its face and an expectant look in its eyes! This adorable green baby dragon stands on four short legs and has two short wings and a short tail. Its mouth is held open wide and its eyes shine with humor as it looks off to the side with mirth. Brown, fin-like horns stick out from the back of this dragonlings head. Made from cold cast resin, the scales of this adorable figurine have been hand painted a leafy green color. Add this little jokester to your dragon themed collection or home decor or use him to bring some unexpected joy to your fairy garden!

Key Features:

  • Possesses an astounding level of detail
  • Colorfully hand painted
  • A fine piece of draconic home decor or fairy garden accessory


  • Made from cold cast resin

Care Instructions:

  • Can be sprayed with colorless water sealer to protect paint


  • Height: 2 Inches
  • Width: 2.25 Inches


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