Halloween Slapsticker Glass Labels

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With these Halloween Slapsticker Glass Labels, you can instantly transform some of your favorite bottled beverages into a variety of tasty Halloween drinks. Each label is ghoulishly clever and features a name designed to inspire fright and fun. Each pack of labels is sold as a set, which ensures that you get each clever label. You will get a label for truth serum (which is supposedly for laboratory use only). You will get a label for red blood, a product of Transylvania that has been aged for 10 years. You will get a label for smiling skull brand sulfuric elixir, which also happens to be another name for acid. And finally, you will get a label for liquid phantom, which contains one angry carbonated ghoul. Each label comes as a sticker so it can easily be applied to any bottle of appropriate size. Whenever you want to serve some truly Halloween-inspired spirits, just apply a few of these Halloween Slapstick Glass Labels to your refreshment bottles and you will suddenly find yourself in possession of a variety of ghoulish beverages.

Key Features:

  • Horror Inspired Bottle Labels
  • Each Pack Includes All 4 Designs
  • Features 4 Unique and Clever Drink Titles
  • Label Stickers are Easy to Apply
  • Fits a Standard 750ml Bottle
  • Adds a Frightful Touch to Any Bottle
  • Great for Halloween Events and Costume Parties


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