Hairy Black Monster Hands

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The Hairy Black Monster Hands are a handy costume accessory to have. They allow for a quick and easy change that altars the look of your hands dramatically, changing fleshy tones into dark ones, accented with blackened fur. The gloves are made from quality latex and feature five digits – four fingers and a thumb, each tipped with a black nail. The gloves cover the hands and wrists, and have shaggy fur accents that are perfect for monstrous costumes like werewolves or lycanthropes. They are offered as a pair, and are made to fit most adults with ease.

Key Features:

  • Offered as a pair of adult gloves
  • Fits most adults with ease
  • Has four fingers and a thumb
  • Features dark skin, black nails, and black faux fur


  • Made from latex


  • One size fits most adults.


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