Gurgle Neck Wound Prosthetic


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It is easy to see why this Gurgle Neck Wound Prosthetic is named the way it is. An attack this severe would leave any living human struggling to survive. Put this wound on a zombie, and now you have a gruesome, grisly undead. This extensive and incredibly violent looking injury is made entirely from high quality latex and is designed to go on the neck. It features a broad, almost instantly-lethal looking neck-wound that likely resulted from the throat and skin being torn completely away from the neck, leaving only rich, dark life-blood to openly flow. This wound is also incredibly easy to apply, requiring only a bit of spirit gum on both the appliance and the skin to create adhesion. Please note, though, that this wound appliance does not include spirit gum, although it can be purchased elsewhere on this site. This Gurgle Neck Wound Prosthetic is a perfect final touch to any victims of monster attacks, being the perfect fatal injury to anyone who happened to encounter a furious vampire or a hungry werewolf. It is also a great zombie wound, enhancing the grisly and gory look of any undead denizen.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Key Features:

  • Made from High Quality, Pre-Colored Latex
  • Creates an Impressive and Gory Torn Throat Wound
  • Simple and Easy to Apply
  • Spirit Gum, Makeup, and Fake Blood Not Included
  • A Perfect Touch to Any Horror Costume
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Zombie Walks, and More


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