Guardian Gargoyles Ashtray


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Even the little accents can be unforgettable ones, especially when they have as much character and appeal as this Guardian Gargoyles Ashtray. This ashtray is a versatile container and dish, as well as a decoration, all rolled into one. Made entirely from cold cast resin, this ashtray is hand painted in moderate grey hues to give it a stony look that perfectly accents its carved gothic style. Made in the shape of a hexagon, this ashtray features six arched walls, each of which features a carved gargoyle in a different position. The sides of each arch create little angular dips in the rim of the ashtray, which are perfect for holding cigarettes, or any other rounded objects you might use in conjunction with the ashtray, like pens. The deep interior makes it a great place to store trinkets and loose little objects as well, giving it a great deal of versatility. Beyond the obvious use, this Guardian Gargoyle Ashtray serves perfectly well as a candy dish, a holder for spare change, and so much more, making it a great accent to add to any decor, whether you happen to smoke or not!

Key Features:

  • Shaped like a hexagon and decorated with gargoyle carvings
  • Hand painted to create the look of ancient stone
  • Perfect for containing ashes and waste or for storing small trinkets
  • Possesses an extreme level of detail
  • A great home decor piece, collectible, or gift idea


  • Made of cold cast resin


  • Height: 2.13 Inches
  • Length: 5.13 Inches
  • Width: 5.13 Inches


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