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A grin might be the most terrifying expression a dragon can make, as exposing rows of massive, sharp fangs can never be taken as anything but a threat. Even on the Grinning Dragon Skull, which is dead and fake, it is still an intimidating sight. This intriguing decorative piece depicts a toothy dragons grin. While we will never know what emotion inspired the expression, it is safe to say that whatever is enough to make a dragon grin is likely enough to cause mortals to run in fear.

This rather cool fantasy skull features a two toned coloration, combining the bleach white of teeth and horns with the faded cream of bone. Two pairs of bleach white spikes decorate the dead dragons head. Meanwhile, a series of spikes also jut out from the underside of the skulls jaw. They add additional decoration to this deathly piece. The dragons teeth are in clear display as well, giving it the appearance of grinning, although it could also just be the absence of skin, scales, and facial tissue that makes this grin all the more prominent.

The Grinning Dragon Skull is made from cold-cast resin and has been hand-painted for a life-like look. On the back of this skull, there is a small hole, perfect for hanging the skull on a screw, not included. This skull works equally well as a plaque or a statue. Whether you prefer to hang it on a wall or place it on a shelf, it makes an excellent decorative piece for any dragon collector. Also, it is fantastic for adding that deathly touch of humor and excitement to any personal space.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hand Painted Cold Cast Resin
  • A Terrifying and Creepy Gothic Dragon Decoration
  • Intricately Detailed Appearance
  • Works as a Plaque or Statue
  • Great Decor or Gift Item


  • Length: 14.5 Inches
  • Width: 5.5 Inches
  • Height: 5 Inches


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