Grenade Paperweight

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If you love WWI or WWII military history, then you are sure to appreciate the design of the Grenade Paperweight. This paperweight features the historical design of the stielhandgranate. The stielhandgranate was a German hand grenade. The British army would refer to it as a potato masher. This paperweight has a realistic look. It even features an engraved version of the statement normally stenciled onto the real grenades. The Grenade Paperweight has a wood-like handle and a black head and endcap. It will easily match your military collection and make a great talking piece when on display in your home or office.

Key Features:

  • Realistic, historically inspired appearance
  • Has a black head and wood-like handle
  • Great desk accessory
  • Wonderful display piece
  • Ideal gift for history buffs


Measurements coming soon.


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