Green Steampunk Monocle


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A monocle was a single corrective lens that became a popular accessory for the discerning gentlemen of the Victorian era. And now, with the neo-Victorian style of Steampunk, you can wear and enjoy your very own elegant Green Steampunk Monocle. This particular monocle is not a prescription lens. Instead, it features a green-tinted lens decorated with elegant gold-colored gear designs, all contained in a metallic gold-wire frame. The monocle also features an attached black cord and a gallery, which consists of a raised extension along the lens frame. This raises the monocle up and away from the eye-lashes and the face slightly, making changes in expression less likely to jar the monocle loose. One look through this Green Steampunk Monocle and you will be seeing the world with Steampunk tinted vision!

Key Features:

  • Green Tinted Lens with Gear Accents
  • Includes an Attached Carrying Cord
  • Great accessory for Neo-Victorian gentlemen and ladies


  • Frame made from metallic gold wire
  • Lens is acrylic


  • One Size Fits Most Adults


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