Great Captain Letter Opener by Marto


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The Great Captain Letter Opener by Marto is a replica of the sword wielded by Gonzalo Ferdinaz de Cordoba, a military leader in the time of the Catholic Kings. This strong warrior was among Spains best military leaders, both on and off the field. This sword features an elaborate hilt, with a plain, rounded medallion-pommel depicting several figures amidst a battle, while the grip is wire-wrapped and the guard is decorated in various leaf-like patterns. Broad quillions curve down and inward towards the blade, with a pair of narrower quillions curve sharply towards the blade as well. As a replica, none of these features have been lost. Fashioned after the sword wielded by the Great Captain, this replica is the perfect weapon to attack unopened letters with, while recalling the glory-days of Spanish military might.

Key Features:

  • Steel Blade
  • Silver Finished Cast-Metal Handle


  • Overall Length: 11 Inches


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