Gothic Vampira Women’s Costume

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Even if you are just dressing up, no self-respecting vampiress would be seen in anything less than something darkly gothic and yet incredibly refined and beautiful. Luckily, that is exactly what the Gothic Vampira Womens Costume is. Dressed in this costume, any woman will be the envy of the living and the living dead alike. The costumes main feature is a full-length, lace-trimmed velvet and shimmer satin gown. Primarily crimson and black, this gown is beautiful on its own and compliments any woman who decides to play vampire for a night. Also included with the costume are a jeweled choker and a tulle and lace petticoat. No other accessories are included, and none are really needed, although you could not go wrong with a set of fangs and some fake blood, either. And if you have a guy who wants to come along for the nocturnal ride, then dress him in the Gothic Vampire Mens Costume (IN-1001). The costumes are practically a matched pair. A vampire is a classic choice on Halloween and the Gothic Vampira Womens Costume is no different. It is a tasteful and simple costume that performs excellently, thanks to its simplicity and elegance. For those very same reasons, it performs just as well at medieval themed events and festivals, including themed parties and such as well. Simply drop the vampire act and behave like an esoteric, gothic noble instead! And of course, it will win over any party that celebrates mythical horrors and the like. Heck, it even works as a stage costume!

Key Features:

  • Superior quality Halloween costume
  • Includes full length gown, jeweled choker, and petticoat
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween
  • Excellent for undead, vampire, or horror-myth parties and festivals
  • Equally great for medieval festivals (great for esoteric nobility!)
  • Fantastic stage costume


    Gown made of polyester satin, velvet, and lace

  • Petticoat made of polyester lace and tulle
  • Choker has faux gemstone detail


  • Small: Bust – 33-34.5 Inches, Waist – 25-26.5 Inches, Hips – 35.5-37 Inches
  • Medium: Bust – 35-36.5 Inches, Waist – 27-28.5 Inches, Hips – 37.5-39 Inches
  • Large: Bust – 37-39.5 Inches, Waist – 29-31.5 Inches, Hips – 39.5-42 Inches
  • X-Large: Bust – 40-43 Inches, Waist – 32-35 Inches, Hips – 42.5-45.5 Inches


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