Gothic Spidernet Strap Top

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Spiders have long been a part of gothic style, and now, you can wear their webs as a chic addition to your ensemble! This Gothic Spidernet Strap Top takes out the creepy, crawly parts and leaves the lovely look of a well-spun web! This fine gothic top is fashioned after the classic tank top, featuring spaghetti straps that loop over the shoulders to provide a light and comfortable fit. The tops shallow V-neck shape is accented with touches of lace along the fringe, while the core of the top is accented with black spider web overlay designs, which recreate the intricate and classic look of the spider web in black fabric. The back of the tank top is unadorned, black fabric. The garment is offered in just the one color, as well as in one standard size. Fantastically fun in its appearance, this Gothic Spidernet Strap Top is a killer gothic garment to wear, thanks to its fine detailing, while the casual cut of the top makes it a solid choice for everyday wear that is not only fine in style, but also comfortable to wear, too.

Key Features:

  • A Womens Top Made from Fine Fabrics
  • A Tank Top Accented with Black Lace and Patterning
  • Decorated with Intricate Black Spider Web Overlay
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for Casual, Everyday Wear and Formal Occasions


  • Standard: Fits up to a Womens Size 12


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