Gothic Layered Lace Skaters Dress

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Very little can complete with black lace as far as decadent gothic elegance goes, and that is why this Gothic Layered Lace Skaters Dress is a tough customer to beat. Not only does it have great gothic style, but it also features layers of lovely lace. This elegant dress is an unassuming garment, possessed of classic and casual design that makes it a wonder to wear on any given day of the week, just because you want to. The dress features a casual top with short sleeves and a curved neckline, with subtle lace accents on the sleeves. The skirt of the dress features heavier lace layering, as it consists of a functional, full skirt that has black lace layered over it, to add to both the flow and the elegance of the garment. The dress is mainly made from black viscose fabric, which is a material that confers a light, airy quality to the garment, as well as a softness that makes it quite comfortable to wear. If you want casual comfort and easy elegance, then this Gothic Layered Lace Skater Dress is a must-have, and it is one that you will turn to time and time again just because it is so lovely and so easy to wear and enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Materials
  • Features a Classic Gothic Design
  • A Stylish and Unique Garment
  • A Great Garment for Casual Wear
  • Available in Several Sizes
  • Perfect for Personal Wear or Gifting


  • Small: Fits a 32 Inch Chest and a 26 Inch Waist
  • Medium: Fits a 34 Inch Chest and a 28 Inch Waist
  • Large: Fits a 36 Inch Chest and a 30 Inch Waist
  • X-Large: Fits a 38 Inch Chest and a 32 Inch Waist
  • XX-Large: Fits a 40 Chest and a 32 Inch Waist


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