Gothic Lace Sleeve



When planning to attend a formal event, you ought to enjoy the opportunity to dress up in an elegant ensemble! The Gothic Lace Sleeve provides an intricate accessory that adds a touch of striking fashion and flair to any outfit. The sleeve first forms an embroidered collar that buttons around your neck before trailing over one shoulder and down one arm. The shoulder displays a covering of ruffles and feathers before turning into a sleeve of sheer, floral lace. The outside of the sleeve laces with a ribbon in a crisscrossed manner. The sleeve ends in embroidery and a spray of sheer lace that flares out around your hand. This black sleeve adds the perfect touch of vintage elegance and formality to any outfit that is sure to make your ensemble a hit!

Key Features:

  • Black sleeve forms collar and then covers one shoulder and arm
  • Crisscrossed lacing ties up outside of sleeve
  • Collar buttons in the back
  • Features sheer black lace, ruffles, feathers, and embroidery
  • Makes a stylish piece of gothic attire


  • Sleeve length: 30 Inches
  • Collar circumference: 7.5 Inches
  • Measurements are approximate


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