Gothic Couters


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The joints are often where armour is at its weakest, which is why there are so many specialized pieces that protect those areas alone. These Gothic Couters, for instance, are designed to protect your elbows, keeping them safe from stray or directed strikes. These pieces of elbow armor are crafted entirely from 18 gauge steel and are based on 15th century Gothic armour designs, featuring subtle ripples and waves in the steel above and below the elbow, as well as a sharp, conical point on the elbow itself, intended to guide blows away from the joint. Attached to the couter are leather straps and buckles for securing the armour to your arm, as well as an additional leather strap for affixing the armour piece to a mail sleeve or hauberk for additional stability. Great for reenactors, these Gothic Couters are light and intriguing, making fine little touches that can and should be added to any suit of functional medieval armor.

Key Features:

  • Based on medieval Gothic elbow armour designs
  • Intended to protect the elbow from harm
  • Offered as a matched set of two
  • Worn using adjustable, buckled leather straps
  • Great for both costuming and reenactment


  • Made of 18 gauge steel


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