Gothic Black Lace Waist Cincher


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Waist cinchers are for more than just drawing in your waist. Consider the Gothic Black Lace Waist Cincher, which features an adorned look that makes it a fine piece for any gothic girl to include in her chosen style. This cincher is made from a cotton-based velvet fabric, which features a trio of lacers along its front, giving the cincher its altogether unique design. At the center of the cincher is a traditional lace-up closure, secured with black lacing, while two similar lace-closures flank it, secured with square ring links and laced black ribbon. The two flanking lace closures are done purely for decoration. Adorning the upper and lower hems of the cincher are touches of ornate black lace, adding a further touch of appeal the accessories look. You can, indeed, use this cincher to help draw your waist in a little bit, but you do not have to do so. Instead, you can just wrap it around your waist and wear this Gothic Black Lace Waist Cincher as a personal accessory, one that will wow all those who see it and enhance your everyday style with remarkable ease.

Key Features:

  • A Classic And Versatile Womens Accessory
  • Made Entirely From Fine Cotton Velvet Fabrics
  • Features A Trio of Laced-Up Accents
  • Decorated with Lace Trim Along the Upper and Lower Hem
  • Looks Great with Historic, Gothic, Steampunk and Modern Styles

Small/Medium16-20 inches
Large24 inches
X-Large28 inches


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