Gothic Black Lace Sleeves



Adding class to your ensemble is easy to do with the right accessories. A nice pair of evening gloves similar to ones that starlets and debutantes used to wear, like these lovely Gothic Black Lace Sleeves, will do just that! Made entirely from black lace, these sleeves are similar in fashion to the opera gloves or evening gloves that are still favored, even today. They differ, though, in that they do not offer full coverage of the hand, but instead, feature a loop around the finger that covers only the upper hand and wrist, as well as a majority of the arm. The lace is thick, yet still with a sheer quality, while little flairs of accented lace adorn the hems and edges. They are offered as a matched pair, and are sized so that they will easily fit most. The most traditional use for these Gothic Black Lace Sleeves is, perhaps, to wear them as a part of formal attire, and, while they will excel in that look, it is not the only time you can wear them. In fact, these black lace sleeves will look great with almost any ensemble, pairing with steampunk and Victorian costumes, modern day apparel, and gothic ensembles, as well as so much more!

Key Features:

  • A Classic And Versatile Ladys Accessory
  • Made From Polyester Lace
  • Covers The Upper Edge of the Hand and a Majority of the Arm
  • Offered as Matched Pair of One-Size-Fits-Most Glove-Sleeves
  • Looks Great with Historic, Gothic, Steampunk and Modern Styles


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