Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape

$65.00 $45.15


When none of the ordinary accessories will do for your outfit, consider adding this dramatic piece to your ensemble! The Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape features strands of beads over your chest and arms. A ruffled lace collar encircles your throat, buttoning at the back, while matching bands rest overtop of your shoulders. The collar and shoulder bands both display black stones and beads. Multiple strands of beads cascade down your front and over your arms, making this a striking piece to add to any style! This collar and shoulder drape comes in black or white and black, so you can choose the best option for your attire.

Key Features:

  • Available in black or white with black
  • Collar buttons in the back
  • Features ruffled lace collar and lace shoulder straps
  • Stones and beads decorate the collar and shoulders and drape down over the chest and arms
  • Makes a stylish accessory for gothic attire


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