Gothic Beaded Black Choker

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Simple and elegant is oftentimes the way to go when you want to show off a style but not draw too much attention to yourself. And this Gothic Beaded Black Choker is both of those, possessing an uncomplicated look that is quite appealing to see. This choker possesses a simple sort of beauty that works best when it is used to complement the appearance of an existing style. The choker consists of several loops and small hanging beads, all faceted and black in color. The choker clasps in the back and features a small series of loops that allows it to be adjusted. It has an overall length of approximately 16 inches, which means that when worn, it is designed to be worn fitted close to the neck or collar, like a true choker. Simplicity is not always a bad thing, you know, and it shows in this Gothic Beaded Black Choker, as its simplicity lends it the versatility necessary to be an all-purpose piece, one that can be worn with the most dark and decadent of gothic styles or with many more contemporary looks that might benefit from a bit of black beading.

Key Features:

  • A Gothic Style Choker
  • Crafted from Faceted Black Beads
  • Comes with an Adjustable Fastener
  • Great for Casual Wear or Costume Use
  • Elegant and Subtle in Look
  • A Fantastic Personal Accessory or Gift Idea


  • Overall Length: 16 Inches


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