Gothic Ankh Hand Mirror


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This Gothic Ankh Hand Mirror is a sacred relic of Aset, beloved goddess of all vampires. Aset is the Egyptian name for the Goddess Isis, as the Greeks called her. She was worshipped as the mother of all and protector of the dead. Asetians trace their lineage back to ancient Egypt, as spiritual descendants of Aset. One of the main strongholds of this secretive order is the city of Porto, which is also known for its gothic architecture, rich spiritual culture, and extensive history. Crafted from fine polyresin, this hand mirror is formed in the shape of an Ankh, with the mirror glass in the crocketed loop. The handle is decorated with gothic tracery and vine motifs, with a black rose at the center. The reverse side shows gothic quatrefoils and tracery, with a black heart formed in the loop. The Gothic Ankh Hand Mirror adds a magical element to any room of your house.

Key Features:

  • Displays a black rose on a gothic style Ankh
  • Possesses a fine level of intricate detail
  • Makes a great gift for Gothic enthusiasts


  • Made from fine polyresin
  • Contains an oval piece of mirror glass


  • Height: 8.5 Inches


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