Gory Zombie Flesh


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Short of turning into an actual zombie, the Gory Zombie Flesh makeup is the best way to create a decaying look that zombies feature. All you have to do is apply this undead flesh and you will have peeling, shredded zombie skin. And once you have got some of this zombie flesh in place, you will find that people are a little more hesitant to approach, thanks to your more zombified appearance. This prosthetic makeup is the perfect way to create all manner of skin conditions that might affect the undead. You can create sections of peeling skin. You can construction ragged, open gashes. You can even craft chunks of bloody flesh that hang uselessly from your zombies face or limbs. Your only limit is your imagination. This prosthetic makeup comes in a small round package that contains 0.25 ounces of zombie flesh for you to sculpt and craft with. When you really want to go the extra mile with your zombie look, use the Gory Zombie Flesh to craft whatever horrible wounds you wish.

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Key Features:

  • A Prosthetic Makeup Putty
  • Holds 0.25 ounces of Makeup
  • Perfect for Creating Peeling Flesh and Wounds
  • Looks Fantastic When Combined with Fake Blood
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Fantastic Addition to Zombie Costumes


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