Golden Laurel Roman Wreath


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To the victor go the spoils. And in the case of Greek and Roman costumes, to the victor also goes a laurel. This Golden Laurel Roman Wreath recreates a historical accessory that in the olden days was used to crown a victor and mark their success. This impressive accessory consists of a headband that wraps around the forehead. Adorning the headband are a series of gold-foil leaves that recreate the traditional golden laurel that Romans, Greeks, and their gods were depicted as wearing. The laurel comes in one size that fits most heads with ease. Pair this Golden Lauren Roman Wreath with a flowing robe and you have a godly costume from the Greek age. Mix it up with a toga and some vibrant shades of purple and red and you instead have a Roman emperor in the making.

Historical Info:

In Ancient Greece, the laurel was made from olive branches and was typically a sign of success. It was given to athletes who excelled as well as to poets and scholars who demonstrated skill and superior knowledge. Greek god Apollo is famed for wearing laurels. Among the Romans, the laurel is specifically noted as a symbol of military victory that was used to crown generals, warriors, and emperors for their victory over the enemies of Rome.

Key Features:

  • Based on a historical laurel of Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Worn as a full headband
  • Adorned with golden foil leaves
  • Offered in one size
  • A perfect accent for Greek and Roman costumes


  • Made from polyester


  • One size fits most


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