Golden Honor of Volantis

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The Volantin people pride themselves on their position as the earliest colonists in Valyria before the Fall. The Golden Honor of Volantis displays a coin in the Elephant type, representing the ruling political party of the triarchy. One side of the coin displays a deaths head skull, while the reverse shows a crown bearing an elephant sigil. The crown is surrounded by the words ELYR ANOGRO ELI VALI, which translates to The First Men of the First Blood. Crafted from cartridge brass that emulates the golden color described, this Game of Thrones coin makes a great addition to the collection of any Song of Ice and Fire fan.

Key Features:

  • A licensed Game of Thrones product
  • Made of cartridge brass
  • Features elephant crown and skull images
  • Coin is about the size of a U.S. penny
  • Wonderful collectible or gift for fans of the books or HBO show


  • Diameter: 0.8 Inch


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