Gold Aviator Goggles

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These Gold Aviator Goggles are spot-on replicas of the original goggles that were worn, years before, by some of the greatest dog fighters in history. Vintage in style, these striking goggles are a great complement to any pilots look and ensemble. With their attractive gold and black plastic frames, these goggles are a great accessory that carries a heavy dose of vintage style. The plastic frames feature ribbed edges with black faux leather padding, as well as green tinted lenses to ensure proper eye protection without compromising the wearers vision. Attached to the goggles is an adjustable elastic strap that ensures that these goggles are as comfortable as they are easy to wear. With such high quality and great looks, all you will have to worry about when you wear these classic looking Gold Aviator Goggles is the sky you fly through.

Key Features:

  • A Classic and Historically Accurate Design
  • Features Open, Clear Lenses
  • Faux Leather Padding Ensures Comfort When Worn
  • Elastic Headband Enables Adjustability
  • Looks Great with a Steampunk Styles and Other Looks


  • Made of plastic with elastic details
  • Lined with foam-padded vinyl


  • One Size Fits Most


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