Gold and Silver Eagle Belt Buckle


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A nice touch of detail to any ensemble is sometimes the little bits that really add character and style to your look. This is true now, just as it was true in history. This Gold and Silver Eagle Belt Buckle is an accent right to you out of the Civil War era. This handsome addition to your attire is cast in solid metal and finished with gold plating and silver accents, creating a truly stellar accessory that an officer or a soldier would be proud to wear. Even a general would love this belt buckle! The buckle depicts the classic United States emblem, that of an eagle with a shield, holding a leaf in one claw and an arrow in the other. Silver laurels surround the eagle, enhancing its appeal greatly. One side of the belt buckle features an opening, to pass the belt through for easy wearing. Gleaming gold and silver, plus a patriotic emblem, ensure that this Gold and Silver Eagle Belt Buckle brings a heavy dose of style to your outfit, and it serves well as an addition to your Civil War ensemble, or as a classic touch of old style to your modern-day look, too.

Key Features:

  • A Civil War Era Style Belt Buckle
  • Cast in Solid Metal
  • Finished With Gold Plating and Silver Accents
  • Depicts the Classic US Eagle Emblem
  • Fits Most Traditional Belts
  • A Great Collectible and a Great Costume Piece


  • Width: 2 Inches
  • Length: 3.5 Inches


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