German Jerkin

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It is considered poor taste for a gentleman not to match his ladys dress. So gentlemen, when your lady is wearing a beautiful and decorative dress, you should be wearing your German Jerkin to match her style perfectly. A jerkin is traditionally a close-fitted mens jacket, often sleeveless, that was worn throughout history. This jerkin mimics the classic style and elevates it into the realm of elegant, noble attire. The jerkin is made from handsome and soft cotton velveteen fabric, which ensures that the garment is not only soft but also quite comfortable to wear. It also features attractive gold brocade decoration across the upper portion of the chest. The jerkin is available in three distinct colors, each of which makes a great complement to a wide assortment of different medieval and Renaissance style looks. Gentlemen, when the lady you are escorting is trying her hardest to look her best as a noble lady of court, then you should offer the same courtesy and don your German Jerkin to ensure that you look like a true noble or ranked officer at her side.

Key Features:

  • Features Attractive Gold Fabric Decoration
  • Comfortable, High Quality Garment
  • A Beautiful Complement to Medieval and Renaissance Styles
  • Made in the USA


  • Made from 100 percent cotton velveteen fabric
  • Decorated in brocade fabric


  • Sizing on this jerkin runs by chest size. Get an accurate measurement of your chest and choose the closest option.


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