Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask



This mask has a shape and form similar to the one worn by a classic phantom from literature, although this mask also features its own unique touches. The Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask covers half the face with gear details. This mask, when worn, leaves an eye, a cheek, and the mouth open for view, making it a great mask for any would-be phantoms or specters to wear. The mask has a metallic bronze coloration, and is studded with several gears of varying size that help to give this mask its steampunk appeal. The mask is made entirely from high quality leather, being hand-crafted and hand-painted. The mask is worn via a tie affixed to the mask which wraps and is tied around the back of the head. The phantom of a steampunk opera is here, so long as you show up wearing this Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask!

This mask is a limited edition piece that is made here in America in small batch production runs.

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely from High Quality Leather
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Hand Painted and Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • Mask Leaves One Eye, One Cheek, and Mouth Open
  • Worn Via a Leather Tie in the Back


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