Gargoyle Pen Set

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Gargoyles like to sit on things, it happens to be what their best at. They are made for decoration, so why should they not decorate everything they can fit on? The Gargoyle Pen Set features little gargoyles sitting on the ends. This set of 6 gargoyle-themed pens features a tiny gargoyle at the end of each pen. The gargoyle holds its face in boredom and has horns and wings. The rest of the pen is decorated to look like old stone carved with baroque foliage and cobble stones. Add a Gothic flair to your note taking, office work, and writing habits with these decorative pens, they are perfect for fans of the Gothic style and gargoyle lovers alike! Give some to friends and loved ones and make their day as they view the tiny guardians on top!

Key Features:

  • Set of 6 pens
  • Each pen decorated with a small gargoyle on the end
  • Displays baroque foliage and cobble stones
  • Perfect for Gothic enthusiasts and gargoyle lovers
  • Makes a fun gift


  • Made with cold cast resin


  • Diameter: 0.75 Inch
  • Height: 6.75 Inches
  • Weight: 0.80 lb.


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