Gaming Coin Nickel Bronze 20p

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Sometimes the cardboard tokens that arrive with your favorite games do not hold up over time. Sometimes you just want to upgrade the components of a game. No matter what the reason, the Gaming Coin Nickel Bronze 20p is the perfect solution! This elegant coin is marked with a 20 to substitute the currency of your game. The back bears the international dice shield gamers sigil. Struck from nickel bronze with a silvery appearance, the 20p gaming coin is perfect for building up an in-game hoard without taking up lots of table space. This round metal coin is sold individually, allowing you to purchase the exact number of gaming tokens you need. Be sure to also check out our other denominations of gaming coins to complete your set!

Key Features:

  • Made from nickel bronze
  • Includes 1 coin
  • Displays gamers sigil
  • Marked as a 20p unit
  • Perfect for board games and other gaming


  • Weight: 6 grams


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