Game of Thrones White Walker Legacy Figure

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The stunning realism of this Game of Thrones figurine will make you feel as though the character has stepped off the set of the show! The Game of Thrones White Walker Legacy Figure depicts the emaciated form of a White Walker. The pale gray body, face, and hair of this figure have been sculpted with incredible attention to detail. He wears a brown skirt separated into strips and guards on his arms and legs. He comes with a spear tipped with a transparent point to resemble an ice crystal. The action figure possesses joints that allow you to move his limbs and pose him. A member of the mysterious race of humanoids who live beyond the wall, White Walkers have not been seen for thousands of years. With footsteps that leave no impression on snow and the ability to raise up dead men and creatures as their thralls, it is no wonder that these beings inspire discomfort and fear in the peoples of Westeros. With this line of figures, you can now collect the White Walker and many other popular characters in the Legacy Collection, like Daenerys Targaryen (FK-3907)!

Key Features:

  • A licensed Game of Thrones product
  • Features body articulation for maneuverable limbs
  • Includes White Walker figurine and accessories
  • Makes a fantastic toy, gift, or collectible


  • Height: 6.5 Inches


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