Game of Thrones Stannis Sigil Pint Glass

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Sometimes there is no better way to relax then to kick back and enjoy a pint. And of course, that pint of delectable beverage can not only taste great, but look great too, when you enjoy it out of a new Game of Thrones Stannis Sigil Pint Glass! This way, you can seemingly have your cake and eat it too, as you can have a great collectible from the Game of Thrones series, celebrating your favorite character, while also enjoying your favorite beverages out of this collectible glass. The glass predominantly features the sigil of Lord Stannis Baratheon emblazoned on its surface. This sigil consists of his modified house emblem, depicted as a black stag with a gold crown, set within a smoldering flame. As its name implies, this pint glass holds a pint of fluid, making it a great choice to use when you are looking to satisfy a truly impressive thirst. On its own, this glass is a great way to show your support for Stannis Baratheon, and when paired with other Game of Thrones collectibles, it makes for a fantastic addition to any collection too. Give this glass to any Stannis supporters you might know among your family and friends to really show you care, or keep the Game of Thrones Stannis Sigil Pint Glass for yourself so that you can enjoy this great collectible in the comforts of your own castle.

Key Features:

  • A Licensed Game of Thrones Product
  • Features the Sigil of Lord Stannis Baratheon
  • Emblazoned with a Crowned, Flaming Black Stag
  • Perfect for Enjoying a Tasty Beverage
  • A Conical Shaped Pint Glass
  • A Fantastic Collectible, Gift Idea, or Beverage Holder


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