Game of Thrones Pop-Up Guide to Westeros


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Navigate your way through the realm of man with the Game of Thrones Pop-Up Guide to Westeros. Never before has there been a way to experience the large scale world that the HBO series has only shown you a glimpse of. This guide is a wonderful reference for those who love the TV series and the books. Featuring pop-up recreations of key locations like Winterfell, Kings Landing, and the Wall, you can easily imagine this fantasy world. There are also mini pop-ups that focus on other elements of the show like Direwolves, White Walkers, and dragons. Filled with detailed texts to enhance your experience the Game of Thrones Pop-up Guide to Westeros is sure to have you well-versed on this epic kingdom.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Game of Thrones item
  • Has pop-up maps of important locations
  • Features into on important elements and characters
  • Offers extra information into this popular franchise
  • Great for gifting or collecting


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