Galactic Firebird Dagger

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A phoenix will always arise from its ashes, greater than before. And like a phoenix, the Galactic Firebird Dagger has arisen from the ashes of pure function to become something greater and grander, lethal and beautiful. This masterfully designed dagger is wonderful to view, appearing every bit as lethal as it should, yet with an easy quality that labels it as more for looking then using. The grip is beautifully marbled in tones of light and dark brown, giving it a glossy, wood-like quality that is as appealing as it is complex, while the pommel is a forward-swept cone, appearing almost like the talon of a great bird. The guard is a complex structure. It is v-like above the grip and set with black ovals for design with two extensions that add dramatic flair. The first of the two extensions is a wing-like structure from the rear of the guard, an allusion to the origin of the daggers name – firebird. The other protrusion is lower on the guard and at the front. It consists of a half-circle extension that forms a four-spiked guard over the grip. The blade is wickedly curved, with deep serrations along the beginning of the leading edge, although these end after four indentations into the blade. Emblazoned on the blade is a minor fire decoration, another reference to the daggers name. The Galactic Firebird Dagger rises above the competition in terms of elegance and appearance, and with its help, so too will your decor rise from the ashes of simplicity, transmuted into something truly grand.

Key Features:

  • Includes Display Stand
  • Composed of Cast-Metal Parts
  • Spiked Guard Over Contoured Hilt


  • Overall Length: 16.25 Inches


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