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Where do blood and blood gel differ? Whereas blood is free-flowing and thin, this FX Blood Gel is a thick, gooey substance that is similar in nature to coagulated blood. This imitation blood does not run or drip. This blood gel is perfect for creating cuts and scrapes on the body, where its thicker nature will allow it to stay put. The resulting gooey mass of congealed blood lends to an ultra-realistic look that makes wounds seem to come alive, metaphorically speaking. Each container of blood gel holds 8 fluid ounces of gel. The gel is safe and long-lasting, holding its rich color for extended periods of time, while still washing away safely and easy with a generous application of soap and warm water. If you are looking for spatter, you are in the wrong place. But if you are looking to create wounds and deadly looking gashes, while simulating coagulation and clotting, then this FX Blood Gel is just what you need for your monsters, victims, zombies, and more.

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Key Features:

  • A Thick, Gooey, Coagulated Fake Blood
  • Features Rich, Vibrant Coloration
  • Perfect for Creating Bloody Decorations, Cuts, Scrapes, and Gashes
  • Safe for Use on Skin
  • Washes Away With Soap and Warm Water
  • Great for Decorating Zombies, Attack Victims, Injuries, and More


  • Contains 8 fl. oz. of blood gel


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