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Followers of Freya, reenactors, and cosplayers alike can all enjoy some Viking style while wearing the Gold Freyja’s Amulet Necklace. It makes a great personal accessory or addition to a Viking jewelry collection.

Made from Zamac, this Norse necklace features an antiqued golden finish. At the top, there is a bale that hangs on the included black waxed cord. It has a braided pattern. Below the bale, the Viking necklace has straight sides with a rounded top and bottom. It depicts the goddess Freyja with her arms spread wide.

She stands behind a spinning wheel, wearing a flowing robe and a lunar headdress. A series of runes adorns a ribbon above her head. This Nordic necklace makes a wonderful finishing touch for a variety of costumes and characters. You can also wear it as a part of your everyday look.

Freya Mythology

In Norse mythology, Freya was a goddess of love, beauty, war, and magic amongst many other domains. She rules over Folkvangr, the alternative to Valhalla for those who die in battle. Various poems in the Poetic Edda from the 13th century mention the goddess.

Please note that this item is handmade. Therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Based on Norse mythology
  • Depicts the goddess of war, love, beauty, and magic
  • Antiqued golden finish
  • Comes on a cord
  • Great Viking accessory


  • Made from Zamac, a zinc alloy


  • Length: 1.8 Inches
  • Width: 1 Inch

Measurements are approximate.


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