Freyja Drinking Horn


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When toasting your victory, you do not always want to have to hold your drinking horn. Use the Iron Drinking Horn Stand to grasp your drink for you. This horn stand is ideal for medieval banquets or for displaying a favorite horn.

When the Valkyries scavenged the battlefield for the souls of the slain, only half of the dead Vikings went to Valhalla. The others went to Sessrumnir, the hall of Freyja, where they made just as merry as their Valhallan counterparts. With the Freyja Drinking Horn, you can quaff like you just died. This drinking horn is completely natural, which means that its color and size may vary a bit, but it provides an authentic experience. Because it is natural, it is also recommended that this drinking horn be washed thoroughly before use and that it is only washed by hand. It comes with a suede holster that can fit any belt up to three inches wide. The Freyja Drinking Horn is perfect for Renaissance fairs, Viking feasts, and LARPing.

Key Features:

  • Drinking horn is fully functional
  • Crafted in beautiful detail from natural materials
  • Comes with a belt holster
  • Perfect for Viking dinner reenactments and LARPing


  • Made from bovine horn
  • Holster made from suede leather


  • Length: 13 Inches
  • Capacity: 12 Ounces


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