Frank’n Wolf Mask

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It can be hard to think of a creature more popular and more terrifying than a werewolf. Why not become a Frankenstein wolf with the Frank’n Wolf Mask. This full face mask looks like it comes from three different wolves stapled together. First, the tan front part has a snarling mouth, wide open. Its gruesome teeth are ready to bite. There are two eye holes for the wearer to see through. Next, the tan portion connects to a brown section. This section features a pointed ear high on the head. It also has a bolt on the neck, typical of Frankensteins monster. These two face sections connect to a hairy skull. Brown fur decorates this section and at the bottom of the mask. Faux silver toned staples seems to attach all of the sections together. Along these junctions, the mask is a dark red to mimic blood. Overall, the costume mask has a lifelike design. This Frank’n Wolf Mask looks fantastic for Halloween events and costume parties.

Key Features:

  • Three section design
  • Staples and neck bolt details
  • Eyeholes for seeing
  • Lifelike appearance
  • Great for Halloween and costume parties


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