Forged Fork and Spoon Set

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Any meal can be a medieval one, under the right circumstances. And this Forged Fork and Spoon Set allows you to consume your food with medieval silverware, which will serve well in making any meal feel more like a feast from the Dark Ages. This set consists of two pieces, and as its name implies, those two pieces are a wide-mouthed, two-pronged fork and bowl-shaped spoon. Both are made entirely from forged iron, and possess flattened grips, with circular ringlets at the tips, for added utility and ease of storing. They are also fully functional and safe to use. They are a great set of camping cutlery, and used at the table, this Forged Fork and Spoon Set is also a fantastic way to add the finishing touch to any authentic medieval feast, experienced at a fair, in a mead hall, or even in the comforts of your medieval styled home.

Key Features:

  • An Authentic Looking Set of Medieval Silverware
  • Includes a Two-Pronged Fork and a Spoon
  • Features Flat Handles with a Ringlet Tip
  • A Fantastic and All-Around Useful Camping Accessory
  • A Fine Historic Collectible and Gift Idea


  • Forged from iron


  • Fork Length: 9 Inches
  • Spoon Length: 9.6 Inches


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