Festering Wounds Set


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If your wounds reach this point, you might as well consider yourself as good as gone. This Festering Wounds Set features a duo of gruesome and grotesque looking wounds that never quite got the attention they needed. If you are a zombie, there is no worry, as you are already dead. Both of these wounds are quite the sight, depicting what would normally be a rather painful and yet survivable wound, assuming of course that the wound had been dealt with properly. Now, though, the wounds have festered, becoming an infected and unsightly sore that would look perfect on a zombie. These wounds are made entirely from high quality latex and are designed to be easy to apply, requiring only a bit of spirit gum to adhere to the skin. Please note, however, that these wounds do not include spirit gum or fake blood, so it must be purchased separately. They are available for purchase on this site. If you are looking to accent your deathly, dying, or already dead appearance, either as a zombie or as something else entirely, than you will find that this Festering Wounds Set is a series of fake injuries that are right up your alley, indeed.

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Key Features:

  • Made from High Quality, Pre-Colored Latex
  • Includes 2 Grisly, Infected, Festering Wounds
  • Simple and Easy to Apply
  • Spirit Gum, Makeup, and Fake Blood Not Included
  • A Perfect Touch to Any Horror Costume
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Zombie Walks, and More


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